Arm Skin Protection Sleeves protect fragile arm skin

Arm Skin Protection Sleeves

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Kinship Comfort Brands 1 Pair
2 pair pack of Kinship Comfort Brands Sleeves
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One Pair Black Arm Protection Sleeve for Arm and Hand Skin Protection
1 Pair Arm Skin Protection Sleeves
White Arm Sleeve for skin protection from scratches, tears and bruising

Arm Skin Protection Sleeves for superior protection from skin tears, scratching and abrasions

  • Available in Nude, Black and White color options

  • Arm Skin Protection Sleeves are the best high-quality solution to protect sensitive arm skin from tears, abrasions, and bruising. Our Arm Sleeve Protectors provide UV Sun protection properties to protect you from harmful exposure to sunlight. It provides warming in cooler temperatures.  A good alternative for fragile skin support after surgery and minor abrasions.

  • Designed for a stay in place fit that protects sensitive skin from 99% of the Sun’s harmful Rays the sleeves are the perfect sleeves to protect sensiteve skin Our Skin Protection Arm Sleeves are latex-free to reduce potential allergic reactions and skin irritations. Durable fabrics last and maintain there fit after several washings.

  • Our Kinship Comfort Brand Arm Skin Protection Sleeves are made with Cotton and Spandex for a superior Stay in Place fit. Made on state of the art knitting machinery to ensure consistent quality and long-lasting wearability.

  • Our Arm Skin Protection Sleeves feature Wide Comfort Bands at the wrist and upper arm to keep the protection sleeve for arms in place allowing you to stay active at work or play. Engineered with Moisture Wicking breathable fabric to wick away sweat and Anti-Microbial treatments to keep you comfortable and fresh all day long. One size fits all biceps up to 15”

  • KINSHIP COMFORT BRANDS:  Offers a full line of Protection, Active and Health products including Plantar Fasciitis Braces, Calf Sleeves, Knee Braces, Elbow Sleeves, Compression Protective Arm Sleeves, UV Sun Protection Sleeves.  We also offer Compression sleeves, Wound Care Bandages and CPAP accessories.


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8 reviews for Arm Skin Protection Sleeves

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    I cut a tendon in my thumb so I have a splint halfway up my forearm. Bought this product to wear under my splint. They are comfortable and lightweight. I did make some adjustments to fit my needs. This goes past the elbow, which was longer than I wanted so I simply cut it. Also, the thumb hole was a little tight for my injury so I cut that as well and now they are perfect. The price was very reasonable (you get two pair so four total sleeves). I’m happy with the product.

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    I purchased these for my 93 year old father in law due to his fragile skin. They were of good quality and helped protect his arms. They aided in securing already placed bandages wich also helped promote healing and maintain skin integrity. nurse 047

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    I bought these for my elderly mother works great her arms were messed up there fine now thank you. c. c.

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    happy squirrel

    I’ve worn each of these sleeves twice, and washed them once. The are extremely comfortable and I can wear them all day at my job. However, I don’t think they are going to last very long. I work in produce and they just aren’t strong enough. Both of the pairs are showing wear and pilling. It really isn’t the fault of the product, it is what I am putting them through. I’v decided to get some kelvar sleeves next. I do highly recommend this product for normal wearing! They are great! happy squirrel

  5. 18103c5e35f44e028983f3b0d8baa642?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Due to a bunch of medications my dad is on, his skin is super thin and he bleeds really easily. He is constantly working outside and cutting himself so we got him these to protect his arms. They totally do the trick! Now if he simply bumps something he won’t immediately bleed like before. Huge arm-saver!!

  6. 18103c5e35f44e028983f3b0d8baa642?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    I am so happy to have found these for my husband. He is 66 and it seems all he has to do is bump his arm against something and his arm is bleeding. He likes to work outside so he has many scars on his arms. Since he started wearing these his arms are looking so much better. No ugly purple blotches or scabs. I recommend this product to anyone with the same problem.

  7. 18103c5e35f44e028983f3b0d8baa642?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    The only complaint I have is the thumb hole need to be elongated up the wrist direction for better comfort.
    Other than that they feel good on and do a great job of sun blockage without getting to hot.
    Loland H.

  8. 18103c5e35f44e028983f3b0d8baa642?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    These are for my 98 year old mother. She wants thinner ones because these are too hard to put on. I purchased large and she has very small arms. Do you have thinner ones? Otherwise, they are great. brady

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