CPAP Tube & Mask Cleaning Brush Kit


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CPAP Cleaning Supplies: CPAP Brushes

  • A Cleaner, Healthier CPAP Machine. This CPAP hose cleaning brush is designed to help you clean the accumulated minerals, germs calcium, and bacteria quickly and efficiently, for a cleaner and longer-lasting CPAP machine.
  • Prevent Health Issues: Regular cleaning reduces the risk of infections and respiratory issues, ensuring a safe CPAP experience.
  • Clean Faster & Easier. Quickly clean the entire tube at once with the 7 foot cleaning brush.
  • Improve CPAP Performance: Regular cleaning maintains optimal airflow and machine efficiency. These bristles won’t damage your tubing or mask.
  • One Tube Brush & One Mask Brush. This kit comes with two brushes, the tube brush extends to 7 feet, and the mask brush is 7 inches – the perfect sizes for quick, effective CPAP cleaning.
  • Simple & Easy Storage: The 7 foot brush is long but folds efficiently into a small bag.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Quality materials ensure the brushes withstand regular use, offering long-term value.
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CPAP Equipment: CPAP Cleaning Kit

  • A Cleaner, Healthier Machine. Constant breathing through the CPAP Tube (while your CPAP device is in use) can leave behind dirt and other contaminants. Kinship Comfort Brands CPAP Brushes help you clean your machine hoses to provide a clean, healthy machine. Treatments for Sleep Apnea. 
  • Clean Faster & More Thoroughly. Using the right CPAP cleaners and cleaning supplies is key. This kit is designed for thorough cleaning, but it's also fast and super-efficient thanks to precise sizing and quality materials. That means extra-clean CPAP equipment, and faster.
  • Soft But Strong Brushes. Our CPAP cleaning supplies are soft but sturdy enough to get into the ridges and indentations of your CPAP hose to clean thoroughly without harming the CPAP tubing.
  • 7 Inch Brush & 7 Foot Brush. This CPAP supplies kit includes a brush (7 inches) for cleaning your CPAP Mask. The longer brush extends to 7 feet long to ensure complete cleaning of the entire CPAP device tube. This 7-foot CPAP tube brush easily coils for convenient storage.
  • Offers a full line of products, including Knee Braces Arm Compression SleevesRefillable Ice SleevesCPAP Accessories and CPAP Mask Wipes.
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