Giving back with more than just products

No act of kindness, however small is ever wasted. – Aesop

Greensboro, North Carolina-based Kinship Comfort Brands has announced the launch of the KinCares Foundation to support health and wellness programs nationwide.

KinCares Foundation was established to reinvest monies into community organizations who value healthy living through education and wellness programs. The Foundation pledges to donate a percentage of Kinship Comfort Brands profits to organizations whose missions closely align with the company’s commitment to develop products that provide customers protection, help improve performance and promote wellness in their everyday lives. Kinship Comfort Brands’ product categories include compression support, skin protection, wound, and injury care, and CPAP/BiPAP supplies. “I was taught from a young age that giving back and helping others, no matter how much, is a good thing,” explains Tracy Gammon, President, and CEO of Kinship Comfort Brands. “My hope with our KinCares Foundation is that this small act of kindness will make our community and our world just a little bit of a better place.”

Kinship Comfort Brands will work directly with The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro to vet organizations and programs to ensure a best-fit to the company’s values and mission.

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