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The Kinship Comfort Brands Mission

“Everything we do is to help our customers stay active to live a healthy life”

About Kinship Comfort Brands

Kinship Comfort Brands


About Kinship Comfort Brands

Kinship Comfort Brands develops products that help with your health and wellness.  We believe in engineering high-quality products that protect, rehabilitate, and support.  We back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and offer refunds on any products that do not meet your expectations.

In addition, we offer FREE Shipping on online orders $20+, no matter the size of the order or the product purchased.  All orders are shipped from our base of operations in North Carolina in the USA.


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Wellness Products:

CPAP ACCESSORIES:   Breathe healthy and sleep well with CPAP Wipes, CPAP Filters and CPAP hose cleaning brush kits.

TUBULAR BANDAGES & ICE BAGS: Protect wounds, post-surgery care available in 2 & 10 Meter lengths, ice bags for rehabilitation and to reduce swelling.

SKIN PROTECTION SLEEVES: Skin Protection for Arms & Legs from Tears, Scratches for fragile skin. Perfect for gardening, playing with pets and more.

UV PROTECTION SLEEVES: Protect Arm and Hand Skin from harmful UV rays. Certified UPF 50+ UV protection. Fold sleeve at the wrist to minimize the glove.

REUSABLE ICE BAGS: Reduce swelling, get relief for bruises, sore muscles, strains, sports injuries, arthritis and more. 

Compression Products:

ARM PROTECTION SLEEVES: Arm protection from scratching, tears and sun burn, available in multiple colors and S,M,L & XL.

CALF SLEEVES: Support for tired Calf Muscles during workouts and optimal recovery.

ELBOW SLEEVES: Graduated compression keeps the elbow joint stable and healthy during exercise. They help with Tendinitis, Arthritis, and Strained Muscles.

KNEE SLEEVES: 20 – 30 mmHg (firm support) to support tired and strained knee joints. Promotes blood flow to help with injury recovery.