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1 Pair of black UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves.

Arm Skin Protection Sleeves

3 Pairs of UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves for Golf, Tennis, and Volleyball - one pink, one white, one black.

UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves

KinGrip Elastic Tubular Bandage

KinGrip Tubular Elastic Support Bandage

Knee Compression 1 Pair Pack Beige

Knee Compression Sleeves

3 CPAP Mask Wipes Packs of 2

CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes Unscented & Lint Free











Cpap Wipes



“This knee brace is exactly as described and exactly what I needed! Don’t get bogged down by the size reviews. I originally thought I was Medium but reading the reviews left me choosing the Large. Go with your original size thought. I needed to return the large. I called the company & the president of the company answered! He was very nice . They are in North Carolina! I ordered the Medium & returned the Large. It’s comfortable, lightweight & breatable. I had a knee replacement 2 months ago & this brace is just perfect for me!

Deborah N.

I walk a lot on college campus & my knees flare up a lot. These knee braces have helped me a lot. You receive 2 braces in each package. Best knee braces I have ever owned. Fast shipping! Highly recommend!


“Wore this knee compression sleeve to play tennis. Comfortable, and easy to put on. Stayed in place and was effective compression during the match. Nice product & very reasonably priced”


These compression knee sleeves are very well made. They firm compression and support. I do recommend taking recommended measurements prior to ordering. 5 stars!!!

Danicery R.

“I just received my order of 10 filters. It fit my DreamStation perfectly. ( I am not currently using the heated tubing…) I did I increase my pressure by one to compensate for a slight decrease in pressure after I installed the filter. ( YouTube video shows how to do this- just google it)
I have been so scared to use my recalled device, but also afraid of what happens when I don’t use it. I feel relief that now that It will filter out any possible degrading foam insulation. My machine is just one year old and has never been cleaned using ozone, so I hope it is not effected, but you never know. It’s all very frightening.
Thank you KINSHIP for shipping these air flow filters to me so quickly , and for including the cleaning kit as a free gift.
I will be reordering when I run low, so please, please keep these in stock. Be well!”


“I have a DreamStation. Yes, the one Phillips “recalled” but has done nothing about it. Well, I determined this OUTLET filter is a good temporary fix. Since I did not use ozone to clean my machine, I am not that concerned about gases. However, I was concerned with small particles of the sound isolation potentially getting into my lungs. This “micro” filter fitted easily on the outlet of the machine. I did have to adjust pressure up slightly to compensate for the drop across the filter. But it works fine, and I replace once a month with my inlet filter”

J Clark

“Awesome product! All CPAP users should get them. You’ll be amazed to see how much “stuff” gets through your machine filter!! For those who complain about decreasing air pressure, there’s a simple solution, raise the pressure a bit on your settings, (I didn’t need to)…
Very pleased with the seller! Even though Amazon Prime scheduled delivery 7 to 10 days, I received the order in 2!”


“They work wonderfully! We have been buying filters like these from our favorite CPAP store at a much higher price. Out of curiosity I searched on Amazon and found these. They work just as well at a fraction of the price.”


“2nd time I ordered these. They fit perfectly on my Dreamstation and they really work. With the recall of the dreamstation, I can’t stop using it when I sleep. I do see the filters do get discolored and change it roughly every 2 weeks. It proves to me that these inline filters do actually work. Gives me a piece of mind.”