Kinship Tubular Bandages

  • Provide treatment for soft tissue injuries, burns, and other wounds.
  • Help wounds stay covered and clean, and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Commonly used to treat lymphedema.
  • Prevent swelling, as well as reduce it.
  • Reduce post-burn scarring.
  • Support sprains in joints and aching limbs.
  • Delivers quality & consistent support with a single bandage application.
  • Distribute pressure evenly and provide support, when secured safely.
  • Tubular bandages are flexible & durable, with minimal wear and tear.
  • Made with a washable fabric, they’re reusable.
  • Easy to hand wash or run through your wash’s delicate cycle. Follow with air dry.
  • Easily applied bandage, provides secure wound dressings.
  • These bandages coem in a compact roll and are latex-free.
  • Cotton/spandex blend is comfortable, providing a 2-way stretch. 
  • Hospital-grade bandage, made in the U.S.A.
  • Get them in two convenient sizes: 2-meter (6.5 feet) or 10-meter (33 feet).
  • FREE shipping on orders over $40.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We’ll refund you 100% if you’re not completely satisfied.

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Tubular Bandages – Functional, Supportive Wound & Injury Care

Tubular elastic bandages are vital for any medical supply kit, due to their outstanding versatility. They’re also affordable, easy to use, and long-lasting. You can easily apply them to parts typically hard to bandage, like elbows, knees, and ankles. They offer quick support and even compression. Common uses? To prevent and control swelling, to support sports injuries and soft tissue injuries, and to bandage and reduce post-burn scarring.

Let’s uncover more benefits in further detail.

Helps with Lymphedema & Edema

The primary purpose of a tubular bandage is compression. With safe, even pressure, you can reduce and prevent swelling. This is especially helpful for areas difficult to apply and secure wound dressings, like the ankles. By providing compression, lymph fluid is more likely to drain, and users can better control and reduce future buildup.

Kin-Grip Bandages come in two sizes: 10 meters & 2 meters. Cut the tubular bandage to your desired length and wrap that bandage once or twice, depending upon the desired compression.

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Post-Burn & Wound Care Tubular Bandage

Tubular elastic bandages have a long history of preventing scars for burn and wound victims. Why? Because they offer gentle support and offer the most positive results. And no tape or adhesive is necessary. Some scarring is normal. But hypertrophic scarring (raised scarring) can make everyday activities extremely difficult. 

In some cases, this thickening and hardening of the skin can also lead to deformities and body image issues.

Hypertrophic scars can affect those impacted by skin trauma, burns, and surgical incisions.

To reduce the risk of scarring, many medical professionals recommend tubular elastic bandages for treatment and prevention. But as always, follow your doctor’s specific instructions.

Limb Support, Sports Injuries & Soft Tissue Injuries

Thanks to their flexible nature, tubular bandages are frequently used to support sprained, strained, and achy limbs and muscles. They can support fragile tissue, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Even those with chronic conditions like arthritis can benefit from a good tubular bandage.

Not only is your tubular support bandage useful for limbs, but also fingers, toes, and many other areas of the body that frequently move. By providing gentle pressure, many users notice reduced swelling and pain.

Types of Tubular Elastic Bandages & How to Care for Them

Tubular elastic bandages come in different sizes and materials. Common bandage materials include cotton, spandex, polyamide, and viscose.

Here at Kinship Comfort Brands, we’re proud to offer KinGrip, which is made with a high-quality cotton/spandex blend. It’s comfortable, breathable, and stretchy. This is especially important because tubular bandages are frequently used for prolonged periods. KinGrip is also washable, so you can use it multiple times. Simply air dry after hand washing or putting through washer on delicate. Best of all, our tubular bandages are latex-free, which is a benefit to users with latex allergies and in emergencies where allergies may be unknown.

We’re also proud to offer several elasticated tubular bandage sizes (from B to G) and two convenient lengths: 10 meters and 2 meters. Whether you have medium thighs or large thighs, large knees or small knees, medium ankles or small ankles, large arms or small arms, we have a size for you. Simply cut to your desired length. It’s as easy as that.

Need Help Determining Your Tubular Stretch Bandage Size?

We offer six sizes that fit most people. To determine your size, measure around the widest section of the area the elastic tubular support bandage will cover. Here’s a chart you can reference for easy ordering:

Size Width Ideal Area
B 2.5″ Small hands, arms, or legs
C 2.75″ Adult-sized hands, arms, or legs
D 3″ Large adult-sized arms or legs
E 3.5″ Adult-sized legs or small thighs
F 4″ Large adult-sized knee or thighs
G 4.75″ Large adult-sized knee or thigh

If you feel that your sizing is in between what we’ve displayed above, in most cases we suggest selecting the larger size.

And keep in mind that when re-stocking medical kits, it’s important to have many different-sized tubular bandages. One-size-fits-all tubular bandages are not recommended. Why? Because bandages that are too tight can cause discomfort and may even worsen a wound. And bandages that are too loose won’t provide the support and compression needed either.

Why Choose Kinship?

At Kinship Comfort Brands we offer products that promote and support health and wellness. That’s why we focus on high-quality materials and products from the start. We then back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. In addition, these bandages are proudly made in the USA.

Not satisfied with a product? We’ll give you a full refund, no pressure, no questions asked. We also offer free shipping for online orders over $40, for an easy and affordable customer experience.

We’re proud to be a family-run business and have been providing high-quality products to our customers since 2012.


How should a tubular bandage feel for the wearer?

The tubular bandage should NOT feel uncomfortable to the person wearing it. Generally, your tubular bandage should feel snug but not restrictive or uncomfortable. This is especially important as tubular bandages are often worn for long periods.

How do I measure a tubular support bandage?

To ensure that the relevant body part is covered, extend the tubular support bandage to slightly above and slightly below the applicable area. Depending on how much compression is needed, simply wrap once for lesser compression or double wrap for more compression. Use caution and cut the bandage to the desired length with scissors. Cut any loose threads to avoid damage to the tubular bandage during a wash, so it can be reused if necessary.

How much tubular bandage should I buy?

The 10-meter tubular bandage is the most cost-effective option. It provides ample bandage length, especially for double wrapping.

I’m allergic to latex. Are your tubular elastic bandages safe for me to wear?

Yes! We make our tubular bandages with a cotton and spandex blend, so they’re latex-free.

How do I determine my size?

We’ve created a helpful tubular bandage sizing chart for easy reference. To ensure a proper fit, measure the widest part of the area you want to cover. If you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Size Width Ideal Area
B 2.5″ Small hands, arms, or legs
C 2.75″ Adult-sized hands, arms, or legs
D 3″ Large adult-sized arms or legs
E 3.5″ Adult-sized legs or small thighs
F 4″ Large adults sized knees or thighs
G 4.75″ Large Adult sized knee or thigh

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