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Arm Sleeves for Protection

Kinship Comfort Brands Arm Skin Protection Sleeves. Keep Arm Skin safe from Abrasions, Bruising, Thin Skin Tears, and UV/Sun.

  • Protection for thinning skin. These protective sleeves protect fragile skin during daily activities, from thin skin tears to abrasions and bruises.
  • Comfortable. Soft and breathable skin guards designed for cushioned comfort with strong thin skin protection.
  • Secure fit. These skin guards for forearms have a seamless design that contours to your arm’s shape for a secure fit.
  • Sun protection & more. These arm and forearm protectors provide protection during gardening, playing with pets, and against exposure to the sun’s harmful uv rays.
  • Great coverage. Ideal skin guards for covering IV sites and wounds. These sleeves protect fragile skin and various skin conditions.
  • Convenient thumbhole. A convenient thumbhole keeps the sleeve in place and safeguards the back of your hand.
  • Great fit. Measure your upper arm circumference and refer to the size chart to get a comfortable fit for your arm protectors.
  • Guarantee backed. Our dedication to maintain quality means 100% satisfaction. It’s that or your money back – no hassle, no questions asked.

Product Benefits

    Stay Cool & Protected with Thin Skin Arm Protection Sleeves!

    Ever get a scratch while gardening? Or a bruise from playing with your pets? Our Thin Skin Arm Skin Protection Sleeves by Kinship Comfort Brands are here to save the day! They’re designed to protect you from those things and much, much more:

    • Prevent Thin Skin from Tearing and Bruising: Our protective sleeves help prevent skin tears, cuts, and bruises by providing a physical barrier between the skin and the external environment.
    • Care for Burns and Wounds: Once your wound or burn has started to heal, our protective arm sleeve can protect the delicate new skin from friction and minor injuries that could disrupt the healing process.
    • Nurture Skin Conditions: For conditions like psoriasis, scleroderma, and eczema, these sleeves can protect against irritants and can also help keep medicated creams in place, to maintain your skin’s moisture levels.
    • Protect from the Sun and UV Rays: These arm protective sleeves have UV protection built-in, helping you guard your arms against sunburn and long-term sun damage.
    • IV/PICC Line Site Protection: Our skin protection sleeves can protect these sites from accidental pulls and provide a barrier against bacteria, reducing the risk of infection.
    • Prevent Scratching, Abrasions, and Chafing: They can help prevent scratching (which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions like eczema), and protect the skin from the abrasions and chafing that happens during daily activities or sports.
    • Post-Surgery Healing: After surgeries like carpal tunnel release or other hand surgeries, your sleeve can provide compression to reduce swelling and help protect the incision site during the recovery period.
    • Keep Wounds Clean and Covered: Provide a barrier against dirt and bacteria, increasing safety and reducing the risk of infection.
    • Support Fragile Skin, Tissue, Ligaments, Tendons, and Joints: Deliver compression and support to vulnerable areas, protecting existing injuries and aiding in stability and movement.
    • Provide Support after Sprains or Soft Tissue Damage: Assist in the healing process by limiting unnecessary movement and providing gentle compression.
    • Give Relief from Edema and Lymphedema: Help manage swelling by promoting circulation and lymphatic flow.
    • Reduce Post-Burn or Injury Scarring: Protect recovering skin from additional stress that can contribute to scarring.
    • Wear with Additional Hand Protection or Without: Designed to be versatile enough to wear alone or under gloves for extra protection.
    • Get Hospital-Grade Support for Thin Skin and Breathable Comfort: Made from materials that meet hospital standards for medical support and allow your skin to breathe.
    • 4-Way Stretch, Providing Total Flexibility and Comfort for Very Fragile Skin: Offer fabrics that stretch in all directions, conforming to the body without restricting movement.
    • Minimize Exposure to Allergens and Irritants: Act as a shield against common irritants that can make skin conditions worse.
    • Ease Symptoms of Chronic Skin Conditions: Reduce symptoms like itching and irritation by preventing aggravation of sensitive areas.
    • Versatile for Daily Activities: Easily integrate into a range of daily routines, providing consistent skin protection.
    • Decrease Skin Inflammation and Flare-ups: Help keep the skin stable and protected, which can reduce inflammatory episodes.
    • Assist in Medication Retention: Ensure topical treatments stay in place, maximizing their therapeutic effect.
    • Keep Sweat Off Your Skin with Moisture-Wicking Cooling Effect: Our fabrics draw moisture away from the skin, helping you better regulate temperature.
    • Safeguard Against Accidental Bumps and Knocks: Provide a soft barrier to cushion against impacts that could harm delicate skin.
    • Thermal Regulation: Maintain a comfortable skin temperature in varying climates, which is especially beneficial for those with temperature-sensitive conditions.
    • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Designed for repeat use with easy washing, ensuring long-term hygiene and convenience.
    • Aesthetic Cover for Tattoos or Skin Imperfections: Serve as a cosmetic solution to conceal tattoos, scars and other skin issues.

    Discover Ultimate Comfort & Protection with Thin Skin Arm Protection Sleeves!

    Whether gardening, playing with your pet, or just out and about in the sun, these sleeves have you covered.

    Protective sleeves cover your arms to defend thin skin from bruises and cuts, and to keep your skin safe from the sun. They can do it all:

    • Arm sleeves protect your arms from bruising during work or play.
    • Protective arm sleeves support your arms and muscles during physical activity.
    • These arm protectors support injuries and protect wounds from infection.
    • Protective arm sleeves can assist in IV site coverage.
    • Our skin guards shield your arms from the harmful UV rays of the sun while outdoors.
    • And finally, they protect thinning skin on your arms from bruises and cuts.

    Looking for UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves? Shop here.

    All-day Comfort and Freshness

    Dive into an unparalleled experience of softness and freshness. We craft our sleeves from an ultra-soft, breathable fabric that feels like your second skin. More than just offering protection, it ensures you remain cool and dry throughout the day.

    What’s our secret? It’s our moisture-wicking fabric! Whenever you sweat, these sleeves magically absorb it away, ensuring you feel dry and super comfy, just like wearing your coziest tee – but on your arms!

    Arm Protector Sleeves Features Guide

    Versatility, Feels Like a Second Skin

    Whether you’re out gardening, playing with your playful pets, or just soaking in the sun, these sleeves are your best companion. They are super adaptable, allowing you to either cover your hands or simply roll them up at the wrist.

    Worried about them sliding off? Fret not! With wide comfort bands at both ends and a smart thumbhole, they promise a secure fit. And, speaking of fit, we’ve got everyone covered. Just measure the fullest part of your upper arm, match it with our size chart, and voila! If you’re hovering between sizes, just choose the larger one for that extra touch of comfort.

    Arm Protector Sleeves Sizing Chart

    Advanced Protection Wherever You Go. No Slips Here!

    We all know those little annoyances – the occasional scratch while potting plants or a small bruise from an excited puppy. Our protective arm sleeves are your armor against these and so much more.

    They not only guard against everyday scrapes and abrasions but come equipped with UV protection to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, if you have an IV site, a wound, or any skin condition, these sleeves offer that added layer of protection, ensuring your skin remains undisturbed and safe.

    KInGrip Tubular Elastic Bandage Made in the USA

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    At Kinship Comfort Brands, we’re more than just a product. We’re a promise. Our arm sleeves are versatile, suitable for both men and women, young or mature. With a design that accommodates biceps up to 15 inches, we ensure everyone gets their perfect fit.

    But here’s the best part: we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your happiness and comfort are our top priority. If you aren’t fully satisfied, we’re here, ready to make it right.

    KInGrip Tubular Elastic Bandage 2 way Stretch

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why would someone choose to wear an arm sleeve?

    People wear arm sleeves to protect their skin from tearing, bruising, and sun damage. Arm sleeves also support muscles, ligaments, and tendons, help conditions like edema and lymphedema, and reduce scarring from burns or injuries.

    What are thin skin protection arm sleeves?

    More than anything, arm guards prevent bruising and tears. Thin Skin Protection Sleeves meticulously guard thin skin, shielding against potential harm like bruises, abrasions, cuts, and sun exposure.

    What are the benefits of arm sleeves?

    Arm sleeves can help minimize skin tears, bruising and cuts on fragile skin, while protecting arms from minor wounds and bruises. Arm sleeves and protectors act as a shielding barrier, aiding the coverage of minor injuries, offering support to joints and limbs, and defending against harmful UV rays.

    What is the primary purpose of arm sleeves?

    People often use general-purpose protective sleeves that cover the entire area from the wrist to the upper arm. These sleeves are a shield against abrasions, bruises, dirt, grime, and sun exposure. Our arm sleeves and leg sleeves primarily protect thin and thinning arm skin from cuts and bruises, and from harmful UV rays.

    When should you wear arm sleeves?

    Whenever you need to! You can wear your arm sleeves while gardening, fishing, or working outdoors; whenever you need protection from UV rays. You can wear them to prevent bruises and tears, especially if you have thin skin. They’re also helpful when you need extra limb support during physical activities, after sprains or injuries, or when managing conditions like edema or lymphedema.

    What's the best way to protect your skin from skin tears and bruising?

    There are various methods to provide protection from skin tears and bruising. Our protective sleeves are, in our opinion, the best option on the market.

    What kind of quality can I expect from hospital-grade arm sleeves?

    Our hospital-grade arm sleeves are made from high-quality materials that are durable, stretchable, comfortable, and capable, providing you with support and protection while maintaining comfort.

    Can protective arm sleeves really protect from the sun and UV rays?

    Yes. Protective arm sleeves like ours are designed with materials that effectively block UV rays, protecting the skin from sun damage. This can be very important for individuals who have sensitive skin or who are at a higher risk of skin cancer.

    Can I reuse these protective sleeves?

    Yes, these sleeves are reusable. Just machine wash them and use them again!

    Keep Your Skin Safe From Abrasions, Bruising, Thin Skin Tears & UV/Sun.

    • COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE fabric with 4-way stretch; great elbow and forearm protectors for thin skin.

    • SEAMLESS CONSTRUCTION contours to your arm’s natural shape for stay in place fit.

    • COMFORTABLE THUMBHOLE to keep the arm sleeve in place and help protect the back of the hand.

    • COVER INTRAVENOIUS (IV) SITES, wounds, thin skin tears, thinning skin, or other skin conditions.

    • PROTECTS WHILE GARDENING and playing with pets, and against sun exposure.

    • MEASURE UPPER ARM CIRCUMFERENCE and compare to the size chart. If the measurement is close to a larger size, choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    Arm Protector Sleeves Features Guide

    Kinship Comfort Brands Arm Sleeves for Protection

    These arm protectors are the perfect arm guards for thinning skin, fragile skin and bruising. For men and women – whatever your place in life, our thin skin protection sleeves are designed for you.

    They’re engineered with moisture-wicking, breathable fabric to wick away sweat, and anti-microbial treatments to keep you comfortable and fresh all day. These thinning skin protectors are one-size-fits-all protective arm sleeves that fit biceps up to 15 inches.

    See all protective arm sleeves here.

    To ensure the utmost comfort with your purchase, please follow this procedure:

    Measure the circumference of your upper arm and refer to the size chart to get a comfortable fit for your skin guards.

    If the measurement falls between sizes, order a size up for extra comfort.

    You can wear your arm protective sleeve in two ways:

    1. Over the hand for extra protection: Just place your thumb through the thumb hole, and it’ll fit snugly over your hand all day.
    2. Above the hand: If you’d like more flexibility, you can roll the fabric at the end of the sleeve once or twice to hide the thumb hole and leave your hand free.

    To find your fit, measure the largest part of your upper arm, then refer to the sizing chart to select your size (S – XL). Again, if your measurement falls between sizes, order a size up.

    Our skin guards and other protective sleeves are cost-effective, quick and easy to use. You can reuse them and they’re machine washable. Not only are they made to be durable, but with reuse, they’ll last you even longer!

    Protect your arms with the comfort they deserve. Order your Thin Skin Arm Skin Protection Sleeves today and enjoy a life without scratches and bruises!

    Arm Protector Sleeves Sizing Chart

    Protective Arm Sleeves For Thin Skin & More 

    Unfortunately, thin skin is unavoidable. As we age, our skin changes and grows thinner. At the same time, our blood vessels become more fragile. We bruise more, and our (now thin) skin tears more easily, necessitating a skin guard or arm protector for thinning skin. But here’s some relieving news for people with thin skin.

    Protective sleeves for thin skin work! You won’t need to wear long sleeve shirts or jackets in the warm weather any more, and you don’t need uncomfortable, heavy duty cut resistant sleeves. And once you have these arm protectors, you don’t have to be as hyper-aware of your surroundings. You can worry less about the damage things around you could do to your skin. Skin and arm protectors made for thin skin, like our Kinship Arm Skin Protection Sleeves, can give you peace of mind throughout your day.

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    Lisa J.
    US US

    Perfect produce

    Timely delivery. Produce is made very well, very pleased.


    These are for my 98 year old mother. She wants thinner ones because these are too hard to put on. I purchased large and she has very small arms. Do you have thinner ones? Otherwise, they are great. brady


    The only complaint I have is the thumb hole need to be elongated up the wrist direction for better comfort. Other than that they feel good on and do a great job of sun blockage without getting to hot. Loland H.


    I am so happy to have found these for my husband. He is 66 and it seems all he has to do is bump his arm against something and his arm is bleeding. He likes to work outside so he has many scars on his arms. Since he started wearing these his arms are looking so much better. No **** purple blotches or scabs. I recommend this product to anyone with the same problem. monk


    Due to a bunch of medications my dad is on, his skin is super thin and he bleeds really easily. He is constantly working outside and cutting himself so we got him these to protect his arms. They totally do the trick! Now if he simply bumps something he won't immediately bleed like before. Huge arm-saver!!