CPAP Mask Wipes
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CPAP mask wipes

  • Each canister contains 70 lint free CPAP mask cleaner wipes.
  • CPAP mask wipes from Kinship Comfort Brands clean, and provide CPAP machine users a healthy sleep experience. Our CPAP cleaning wipes make it easy for you to clean your CPAP, BiPAP, or other PAP/oxygen therapy machines. We also offer CPAP brushes and CPAP filters.
  • We recommend cleaning your CPAP mask with our CPAP cleaner wipes every couple of days to remove the contaminants and dirt. Our CPAP mask wipes will remove dirt and grease that accumulate on your CPAP mask, tubes and your CPAP machine.  10 tips for avoiding common CPAP machine problems
  • Made with latex-free materials and there is no animal testing used in the design of our CPAP mask cleaner wipes.
  • Lint-free and easy to use, just dispose of our CPAP cleaning wipes after each use, for a clean, and healthy sleep environment.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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13 reviews for CPAP Mask Wipes

  1. comfort

    Nice product cleans well. Dina

  2. comfort

    These wipes do a good job on my mask and stuff. They are just wipes though. They were a tad cheaper than many others, but just because they’re for CPAP, they are all over priced in my opinion.


  3. comfort

    Cpap wipes clean really well. No leftover residue, stickiness, or scent. Great product!
    Shannon I

  4. NOANO

    Hard to get out of the container

  5. George

    Great item for cleaning my CPAP mask!

    George B.

  6. Beverly

    Easy, quick to use!

    Beverly G.

  7. Anonymous

    Use them everyday!


  8. Customer

    Just used those a while after ordering. Gets the job done. Customer G

  9. AZ

    Easy to use and very handy near the nite stand.
    AZ Mountains

  10. Leslie

    They are exactly as advertised. On my second purchase.
    Will continue to use.
    Leslie T.

  11. CQ

    Exactly what I was looking for to quickly clean my CPAP mask … pop it open, pull one out. Simple.

  12. Mark

    Arrived on time, works very well and easy to use
    happy with my purchase during these trying times.

  13. Anthony C

    Excellent product will buy again
    Anthony C.

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