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The National Sleep Foundation ( describes CPAP machines as the most effective and popular nonsurgical treatment for sleep apnea.  According to the Foundation, when properly maintained, CPAP machines not only improve the quality of sleep, but can also decrease daytime drowsiness, lower blood pressure, and reduce heart problems for those with heart disease. 

Maximum benefits from the use of a CPAP machine depend upon the user observing effective cleaningCpap Accessories from Kinship Comfort Brands routines and timely accessory replacement schedules.  Never use a cleanser that has a strong odor or contains lanolin.  Instead, Kinship Comfort Brands suggests you use our CPAP wipes and Kinship Comfort Brands CPAP Brush Kits to thoroughly clean your mask, hose, and cushions on a daily basis.  Carefully examine all of your CPAP accessories daily to make sure they are mold-free, and in good working order. 

Follow the CPAP machine manufacturer’s recommendations regarding how often to replace accessories.  Generally, cushions should be replaced monthly; non-disposable sponge filters should be cleaned weekly and replaced every six months; change out Kinship Comfort Brands CPAP filters monthly, and replace your mask whenever it no longer fits snugly.  Most importantly, listen to your body.  If you have ongoing or recurring coughs, colds, or sinus infections, it’s time to change out the entire breathing apparatus (cushions, filters, hoses & mask) no matter where you are on the replacement schedule. 


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