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Arm Compression Sleeves

Arm Protection Sleeves

Kinship Comfort Brands arm protection sleeves are perfect for activity enthusiasts and weekend warriors. They are a perfect solution for amateur runners, walking enthusiasts, cyclists, fishing, golfers, tennis players, and gardening to help them recover from muscle fatigue and sprains. The lightweight 20-30 mmHg compression provides continuous graduated compression which helps injury rehab and recovery by promoting blood flow. Consider the following twelve reasons to purchase Arm Compression Sleeves.

What does an Arm Compression Sleeve do?

Twelve answers to what can Kinship Comfort Brands Compression Arm Sleeves do for you?

  1. Compression for Arm Sleeves support tendons and muscles during physical activity and to help with Lymphedema.
  2. Revitalize Arm Muscles during work activities
  3. Offers Breathable Sun and UV Protection that blocks 99% of harmful UV raysarm-compression-sleeves-kinship-comfort-brands
  4. Warm your arms during cooler temperatures
  5. Minimize post-injury and surgery instability
  6. Lightweight 20-30 mmHg compression doesn’t bind
  7. Continuous graduated compression supports tendons and arm muscles
  8. Engineered with Microfiber Nylon and Spandex for a durable long-lasting arm sleeve
  9. Moisture-wicking fabric that reduces sweat build-up to keep you dry and comfortable
  10. Comfort Bands at the wrist and upper arm for a comfortable fit
  11. Latex Free
  12. Multiple colors for any occasion

UV protection arm sleeves We knit our protective sleeves for arms on the state of the art knitting machines, we test our protective arm sleeve  to ensure proper compression results for our active customers. Our stylish color offerings offer a wide variety of colorful options that can complement your current wardrobe. Available in black, white, bright pink and graphite and in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Machine washable for easy cleaning and multiple wearings.


Stay active at work or play with our Kinship Comfort Brands Compression Sleeve Arm. You can purchase our arm sleeves (or Calf Compression Sleeves, or Arm Skin Protection Sleeves for thin skin) at or on Contact us here or at with questions.

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