KinGrip Tubular Bandage Fits Small to XLarge Arms and Legs

2 Meter Tubular Bandage



2 Meter Tubular Bandages

  • Wound care/Wound Dressing and bandage protection to keep wounds clean and covered. Tubular Elastic bandage for support of fragile tissue, ligaments, tendons, and joints after sprains and soft tissue damage.  Edema and lymphedema products and tubular bandage for post-burn scarring.

  • Compression stockinette bandage will stay in place with a 2-way stretch (width-wise) to keep wounds covered during normal activities. Wound dressing changes are fast and simple.

  • Kinship Comfort Brands Tubular Compression stockinette tubing Bandages are made with a Cotton and Spandex breathable fabric blend for a superior, comfortable stay in place fit. Latex-Free seamless compression sleeve can be worn under braces for more comfort, and compression.

  • For a comfortable fit measure around the widest part of the arm or leg, the tubular bandage will cover. If covering a wound, BE SURE your measurement includes the bandaged area. Our elastic tubular compression wrap will reasonably stretch to 2.0 times the width measurement. The cotton, spandex blend gives the tubular bandage its compression qualities.

  • KINSHIP COMFORT BRANDS: Wear and Care.  WEAR: KinGrip wound care products can be worn as a single layer or double layer.  The single-layer will provide mild compression, a double layer will offer a firmer compression.  Easy to use, cut with sharp scissors – we recommend fabric scissors – to cut the tubular bandage to any length.  CARE: Can be hand washed and air dried for re-use when application permits.

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    B                         2.5″                                   Small hands, arms or legs
    C                         2.75″                                 Adult hands, arms or legs
    D                         3.0″                                   Adult hands, arms or legs
    E                         3.5″                                   Adult legs, arms or legs
    F                         4.0″                                   Adult large knees or thighs
    G                        4.75″                                 Adult large knees or thighs

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What is Spandex?

Spandex gives our KinGrip 2 Meter Tubular Bandage its two-way stretch.  It helps the bandage stay in place and makes the bandage the perfect solution to fit over post-surgical bandages and dressings. 


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Size B, Size C, SIze D, Size E, Size F, Size G


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