Reusable Ice Bags


Reusable Ice Bags for Injuries

  • REDUCE SWELLING, PROVIDE RELIEF FOR SORE MUSCLES, Bruises, Sprains, minimize Arthritis Pain. Rehab treatment for Muscle Aches, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Leg and Calf Muscles. Treat Sports Injuries and Muscle Strains from overexertion.
  • DESIGNED AND MADE IN THE USA: Quality Latex Free design made with Polyester/Rayon spun Lace that is soft to the skin. Fused with a Polyethelene/Nylon layer to create a sturdy construction that allows for multiple uses. Laminated Multi-Layer construction that prevents trapped air from Blocking Cold Transfer. Convenient Multi-Pack allows you to keep bags on hand for future Ice Therapy. Learn more about Ice Therapy.
  • SPUN POLYESTER/RAYON LACE IS SOFT TO THE SKIN: Soft ties comfortably secure the Reusable Ice Pack to the treatment area and provide a convenient Hands-Free Ice Therapy. Convenient Multi-Pack allows you to keep bags on hand for future Ice Therapy.
  • FOUR CONVENIENT SOFT TIES help keep the Ice Pack in place. Long Ties allow for use with multiple Leg/Arm sizes
  • KINSHIP COMFORT BRANDS: Offers a full line of Protection, Performance and Wellness products including Leg Braces, Calf Sleeves, Knee Braces, and Elbow Sleeves. We also offer Compression sleeves, Wound Care Bandages, and CPAP accessories


100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Why Latex Free?

Latex refers to the natural rubber latex manufactured from a milky fluid that is primarily obtained from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Allergy to latex was first recognized in the late 1970s. Between 1988-1992, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) received more than 1,000 reports of adverse health effects from exposure to latex, including 15 deaths due to such exposure.

Adjustable Sizing with 4 ties

Four ties on our Reusable Ice Bags allow for adjustable sizing to fit most leg and arm sizes. The four ties help keep the Refillable Ice Bag in place.

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3 Pack, 5 Pack, 25 Pack


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