Reusable Ice Bags


Reusable Ice Pack for Injuries

  • Risk free purchase. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund the full price. No problems, no questions asked.
  • Easy to Refill. Wide opening for a faster refill with ice cubes or crushed ice.
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  • Treat Swelling. Alleviate swelling with our top-quality refillable ice packs.
  • Relieve Soreness. Provide evenly distributed pain relief for sore muscles, bruises and sprains with a top-quality cold pack.
  • Minimize Arthritis Pain. Provide pain relief for the aches and pain caused by arthritis.
  • Rehab Muscles. Rehab treatment for muscle aches in the neck, shoulders, legs and calves.
  • Treat Sports Injuries. Treat sports injuries and muscle strains from overexertion.
  • Longer Cold Therapy. Our cold therapy ice packs (the best reusable ice packs in our humble opinion) stay cold much longer. This contributes to quick relief and more pain relief than your typical gel pack.
  • Made in the USA. Kinship ice packs are proudly made in the United States.

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Reusable Ice Bag for Injuries

  • REDUCE SWELLING & PROVIDE PAIN RELIEF. Use your ice pack to relieve pain from sore muscles, bruises, sprains, menstrual cramps, and more. Reduce inflammation and treat sports injuries and muscle strains from overexertion.
  • MINIMIZE ARTHIRITIS PAIN. Ice packs minimize arthritis pain by reducing inflammation, numbing the area, and slowing nerve impulses, providing temporary and soothing relief. They can also help relax aching muscles and alleviate spasms associated with arthritis.
  • REHAB TREATMENT. For muscle aches, neck and shoulder pain, and leg and calf muscles.
  • DESIGNED AND MADE IN THE USA. Quality, durable, latex-free design made with polyester/rayon spun lace that is soft to the skin. Fused with a polyethylene/nylon layer to create a sturdy construction with high impact strength that allows for multiple uses. Laminated, multi-layer construction prevents trapped air from blocking cold transfer. Convenient multi-pack to keep ice packs on hand for future ice therapy. Learn more about using your reusable ice pack for ice therapy.
  • SPUN POLYESTER/RAYON LACE IS SOFT TO THE SKIN. Soft ties comfortably secure the reusable ice pack to the treatment area and provide convenient hands-free ice therapy. Convenient multi-pack lets you keep ice packs on hand for future ice therapy.
  • FOUR CONVENIENT SOFT TIES. These help you keep your ice pack in place. Long Ties allow for use with multiple Leg/Arm sizes.
  • KINSHIP COMFORT BRANDS: Offers a full line of Protection, Performance, and Wellness products, including Arm Protection Sleeves, Knee Braces, and Elbow Sleeves. Beyond our reusable ice bag for sale/ice cube bags, we also offer Compression Sleeves, Wound Care Bandages, and CPAP Mask Wipes.