Alternate Uses for KinGrip Tubular Bandages

KinGrip Tubular Bandages can be used for more than just wound coverage.

You may already know that tubular bandages’ main function is to hold dressings over wounds or support injured joints. Many tubular bandages, such as Kingrip, can be cut to the desired length for the affected area. When doubled, they can also be used as firm compression, for moving blood back to the heart. But did you know about all of the other amazing uses for tubular bandages?

Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the alternate uses for tubular bandages:

KinGrip Wound Coverage Bandage

Tubular bandages’ main function is to hold dressings over wounds, or support injured joints

  • Covering dressings over pet wounds, or supporting injured pet’s joints.
  • In a pinch, KinGrip can be used as stuffing in Stuffed animals
  • When the weather gets colder, tubular bandages can be used as covers for cold metal
  • Double or triple layers of the bandage and place over backpack straps for added
    padding, to prevent digging into shoulders
  • In colder months, place on arms and legs under pants and shirts for added warmth
  • If one end is tied, tubular bandages can be used to store items and hung out-of-theway! Examples of items can be, nuts, bolts, tools, and many more items. Flower bulbs can also be stored in Tubular bandages, as they are breathable and won’t sweat.
  • More items that can be stored with a tied end of Tubular Bandage are Holiday
    ornaments, lights and other breakable items that need protection.
Wound Care Bandages for Pets

Tubular Bandages, such as KinGrip, can be used to cover dressings over pet wounds, or support injured
pet’s joints.

Kingrip has been used to heal wounds more quickly and help alleviate swelling. We’ve listed many alternate uses here. What other uses can you think of?

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