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What to give Dad for Fathers Day?

Young fitness man holding his sports leg injury, muscle painful during training.


We’ve come up with ten Father’s Day gifts for Dad this year. Affordable, useful and great gifts for just about any Father.   


Fathers Day Gifts

10. Gifts for Geeks

Some dads are gamers and some dads are looking for the latest tech gadget. A new pair of wireless earbuds for Dad to use with his favorite game or for syncing with his phone for business calls


“The Best Tech Father’s Day Gifts under $100”


9. Show me the Money (or a gift card)

Money and Gift Cards are not the impersonal, cop-out Fathers Day gifts that some people believe them to be. They make great gifts, helping to ensure that Dad gets exactly what he wants for Father’s Day. Choose from Dad’s favorite restaurant, tech store, sporting goods store or cold hard cash!

Young fitness man holding his sports leg injury, muscle painful during training.

8. Outfit Dad for his favorite sport.

Give Dad gear for his favorite sport.  Clothing, shoes, hats or other gear to help Dad improve his game. If Dad is struggling with joint pain, and sore muscles, due to sprains and other injuries give Dad Kinship Comfort Brands Compression or Skin Protection Sleeves. Our compression sleeves promote blood flow to help foster rehab and recovery. Knit with True Graduated Compression Knitting Technology along with the use of Premium Microfiber Yarns with Anti-Microbial Treatment gives him the support and comfort all day long.


7. Family Outings

A picnic at the beach, pot-luck dinner at the lake, or a grill out at the park are a great way to entertain Dad. A family outing to the baseball game, a fishing trip or just a family picnic. Even a trip to the movies can be a great way to make fun memories.


6. Summer Fun

Gear for fishing, camping, golfing, hunting and other sports items such as disc golf are popular gifts for Dad.  Don’t stop with just the gift, plan a Fathers day outing to try out the new gift.


5. Variety is the Spice of Life

Gift Baskets are a great way to give Dad a variety of items for Father’s Day. Snack items, a wallet, cologne, socks and other small things that Dad can use and appreciate.


4. A Guys’ Day Out

A day to himself or a day with the guys such as a mountain retreat, hunting trip or a fishing excursion is a great gift for Dad. He loves his family, but may still enjoy a day to relax and be one of the guys.


“10 Best BBQ Gift Baskets for this Grilling Season in 2019”


3. The Way to a Man’s Heart

Cooking is a hobby shared by more than a few Dads. Barbecue grills, cookware, sauces, spices, and cookbooks make great gifts. The great thing about these gifts is they keep on giving when Dad cooks for the family all year long!


Young fitness man holding his sports leg injury, muscle painful during training.

2. Homemade

Homemade cards, homemade items for the yard or how about a barbecue apron decorated by the Kids’? Gifts like this, with a personal touch, show Dad that you are willing to invest your valuable time as well as your money.

1. Dads Need Love Too!

Expressing how much you love your Dad by spending some quality time or going that extra mile for his gift shows how much you love and admire him.  Consider pampering Dad or offering to complete some of his chores washing the car, taking out the trash are a couple of good ideas.

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