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Weak in the Knees | Support Weak Knees with Knee Compression Braces

Wouldn’t it be nice if the saying “weak in the knees” only referred to being helpless with emotion? A quiver of the heart at a slice of chocolate cake, the irresistible sight of a shiny red sports car, or a beautiful woman in the movie? Ah, those were the days
Unfortunately, for those with knee instability, knee pain, or both, the reality of being weak in the knees goes much further.  Instead of being helpless with emotion, weak knees can render us with a helpless feeling that is physical. Confident mobility and the presence of pain become all too real concerns in situations such as these, and we look for some way to approach the situation and restore confidence, and we wonder if it will even work. 

There’s good news to share! Multiple reputable studies have similar findings: With the use of soft knee braces comes a decrease in pain and greater knee stability. According to a study completed by the American College of Rheumatology, “decreased pain and improved dynamic knee instability mediate the beneficial effect of wearing a soft knee brace on activity limitations in patients with knee osteoarthritis”. Furthermore, additional studies offer similar results. This is valuable confirmation that soft knee braces have the potential for making a big difference.

While we can’t help you resist the urge for cake, we can help you with pain or instability, and that’s important to us.

Consider the Kinship Comfort Brands’ Compression Knee Sleeve.



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