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How To Protect Thin Skin From Bruising & Tears

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Does your skin feel like it’s made of tissue paper? Does avoiding scrapes and bruises feel like an everyday chore? Unfortunately, for those who suffer from thin skin, finding ways to help protect it can feel like a constant struggle. And that brings us to the topic of this blog post: what to do for thin skin that bruises easily.

While there’s no thin skin cure (especially when it’s due to age or certain lifestyle choices like smoking or failing to block sun exposure over the years), there are certain things you can do to help manage it. So if your goal is to discover how to protect your skin from bruises and tears, then you’ve landed on the right blog post. We’re happy to offer some helpful suggestions and links to products that may be helpful to you. So follow along to learn more!

Identifying Thin Skin

Not only does skin thickness vary from person to person, but it also varies based on the location on your body. Areas of your body that are meant to be of constant use (like hands and feet) naturally have thicker skin. The eyelids, on the other hand, only need a thin layer of skin to be effective. The area under your eyes is extremely delicate as well.

A bruised arm, and a quote about wearing long-sleeve shirts or arm skin protection sleeves to prevent harm to the skin.

Did you know that human skin is composed of 7 layers? The top layer is called the epidermis. For those with thin skin, the epidermis is thinner than usual. And as time goes by, cells die off, and the skin becomes thinner and more brittle. But time isn’t the only factor to consider. Lifestyle choices are important too. The four most common factors of skin cell death are:

  • Age – This is the most common cause of thin skin.
  • Medication (steroids) – Found in dermatological compounds, steroids shrink skin cells, causing cells to disconnect from each other
  • Smoking and Drinking – Both negatively affect vital organs that ensure a healthy integumentary system. Lungs and liver function play a large part in the health of your skin.
  • Sunlight – Excessive exposure to UVA and UVB rays damages skin cells, often making them irreparable.

Thin skin that bruises and tears easily can occur earlier than normal from certain lifestyle factors. If your lifestyle involves lots of intense sun exposure, drinking, smoking, and certain types of medicated skincare then you may be at an increased risk. And even if that’s not the case, age alone can bring thin skin about.

A bruised arm, and a quote about bad habits can lead to easily bruised and ton skin in middle age.

Thin Skin Treatments & Solutions

In most cases, thin skin is impossible to restore to a more acceptable thickness. That said, some characteristics of thin skin can be managed. Protection and proper care are the keys here. The easiest issues to fix are dryness and elasticity. A keratin-rich moisturizing cream may work nicely. Just remember to check the ingredients in case you have an allergy.

And for protection, long-sleeve shirts are one simple and effective way to protect your skin from the sun and things that might scratch or tear your skin. And for the scenarios where long sleeves aren’t the best, arm protectors for thin skin and bruising can do wonders. They’re easy to slide on and the compression from the fabric assists with blood flow through your forearm and bicep. If your legs also have thin skin, we also carry leg skin protection sleeves.

How You Can Slow the Damage

There are other ways to give your skin a fighting chance beyond limiting the four habits that tend to be most damaging. Introducing foods into your diet that improve skin health is one solution. Adding wild-caught fish, raw or steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, olive oil, legumes, fish oil, and foods rich in vitamin A may nourish your skin and keep the thinning from worsening.

Rich in vitamin A, retinol cream may help slow skin damage. Vitamin K and collagen are known to have a positive effect on the glow, strength, and natural elasticity of healthy skin. Last but not least, a layer of SPF 30 sunscreen on all exposed skin may be a good idea, to help protect your skin from further sun damage.

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